Thanks for LaTeX

Thanks for LaTeX

the answer is lying around, somewhere.

fcitx-rime Configuration for Wusong Pinyin

The work machine has been changed to Galaxy Kirin V10 for some time. Apart from the issues such as the inability to install libu2f-udev in M$ Edge and the inability to install dependencies of newer versions of appimage due to glibc locking at 2.23, it meets the work requirements. Some problems have also been gradually solved, such as WPS becoming very laggy after using it for a while and Wine WeChat reporting errors after upgrading.
Returning to the title, regarding the issue of not being able to type Chinese punctuation after installing Wusong Pinyin with the built-in fcitx-rime, the simple explanation is that the built-in fcitx-rime version of Galaxy Kirin does not support custom skins and does not support writing the punctuator field in default.yaml and including it in the schema. After each update, the punctuator must be copied to rime_ice.schema.yaml. The lazier way is to put it in the custom folder oneself...

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