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Thanks for LaTeX

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KylinOS V10 WeChat "File Not Found" Error Reasons and Solutions

Galaxy Kylin (KylinOS V10, non-SP1, 2023, etc.) comes with a built-in application store. However, the WeChat (wine version) in the store has an issue with the mouse scroll wheel not working, making it unable to be used properly. Therefore, it is recommended to install ukylin-wine and ukylin-wechat separately, and lock the WeChat version to 3.0.0. This version of WeChat conflicts with Sogou input method and may occasionally display an error message saying "file not found".

Reinstalling ukylin-wechat can solve this problem, but it will also clear ~/.zshrc and delete chat records, causing more issues. By executing /opt/wechat/ from the command line, it can be seen that the main issue is not being able to find the executable file in ~/.ukylin-wechat/drive_c/Program Files/Wechat. Each time this error occurs, only the locales folder remains in the mentioned directory, making it unable to start. This situation sometimes occurs after a system restart.

From, it is discovered that during the initial installation, the wechat.tar file is actually extracted to the mentioned directory. So, when the file cannot be found, extracting it again will solve the issue without affecting .zshrc or deleting WeChat chat records. This is a temporary solution, but it is simple.

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