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Thanks for LaTeX

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Discuz X3.3 -> X3.5 Side Notes


PHP8+ is required for both WordPress and the current version of Discuz! on the server. An upgrade is needed.


Discuz Wiki and forum post.


Taking the Discuz! directory on the server as the root directory "/":

  1. First, disable the site in the backend management/uc_server/admin.php.
  2. UC communication is considered normal when both sides, Discuz <-> UC, are functioning properly. Both sides need to confirm.
  3. Regarding UC_KEY: /uc_server/data/ and /config/config_ucenter.php can be different. Use the existing one and do not change it to be the same as the official guide requires, otherwise Discuz -> UC will fail.
  4. Regarding UC_DBTABLEPRE: /uc_server/data/ and /config/config_ucenter.php are different. The config of Discuz! should include the prefix of dbName.
  5. Most issues during the upgrade process come from these two configuration files being incorrect.
  6. If the site is not disabled, the Discuz upgrade will get stuck after the envcheck step. Refresh once to resolve.
  7. After the upgrade, the original founder can log in to the forum but cannot access the admin backend. If it is a user group issue, you can directly modify the database with update [table]common_member set groupid=1 where uid=%d;.
  8. After the upgrade, remember to update the cache, otherwise the style will be lost.
  9. After the upgrade, users cannot update their avatars, which is also a UC communication issue.
  10. Discuz! is not fully compatible with PHP8, especially the $_G['settings']['bannedmessages'] attribute. This attribute uses string concatenation when generated in admincp, but uses bitwise operations when validating related flags. This causes an error of Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: string & int when using statements like $_G['settings']['bannedmessages'] & 1. To fix this, change the relevant statements to intval($_G['settings']['bannedmessages']) & 1.
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